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The Importance of Installing Exit Devices in Real Estate Properties

Every building has an exit. The exit for the building’s occupants is an important safety feature that ensures the safety of the people inside. Exit devices in real estate properties provide the safety of the occupants and make it easy for them to escape an emergency if one arises. In this blog, we will tell you about exit devices and how they are essential for ensuring safety and security in real estate properties.

What are Exit Devices?

Exit devices are devices that help property owners and tenants evacuate safely in the event of a fire or other emergency. They can include smoke detectors, fire alarms, security cameras, and other safety equipment. The best exit devices help prevent property loss and injury during an emergency by sounding an alarm or sending a signal to the doorbell or security device that can help alert the occupants of the emergency. Properly installed exit devices also help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities during emergencies by making it easy for people to escape quickly and safely. By installing exit devices on their properties, property owners can help improve the safety of their occupants and communities overall.

Exit device types and specifications

Types of Exit Devices

Exit devices are used to facilitate the exit of people from a building in an emergency. The exit device types and specifications vary depending on the type of emergency and the type of exit device used. Besides, door closers, window acoustics, fire suppression systems, security systems, and access control systems are popular exit devices. The different types of exit devices have other functions and purposes. A door closer is a mechanical or electrical device that closes a door from the inside. It can be an automatic or manual device. Similarly, window acoustics are used to reduce sound transmission through a window. Fire suppression systems are electrical or mechanical devices used to suppress the spread of fire in a building. A security system is an electronic device that protects property and occupants from criminals, vandalism, and fire. An access control system is an electronic device that restricts access to a property or area. The various exit devices have diverse features and functions that make them indispensable in real estate properties.

How do Exit Devices work?

Installing an exit device on your property can help deter crime and protect property values. They can also make your building more secure, safe, and secure for everyone who lives there. Below is how an exit device works:

  • Exit devices are safety devices used in commercial and residential properties to prevent unauthorized access.
  • They come in various types and designs, the most common being the door switch, door jamb sensor, and lockouts. These devices work by sensing when a door or gate is opened or closed, turning the lights on or off, or triggering other electrical functions.
  • A door lockout is an exit device that locks the exit door from the inside so that no one can exit without using the proper key.
  • A door jamb sensor is an exit device that senses when a person comes close to the exit door and triggers the lights or other electrical functions.
  • Another type of exit device is a lockout keypad, which sets off an alarm if anyone tampers with the code.

Importance of using exit devices in real estate properties

You should install an exit device on your property for many reasons. They are:

  • Exit devices play an important role in protecting the occupants and property owners in the event of a fire. They help in ensuring the safety of employees who work on the premises, as well as the safety of tenants and visitors.
  • Exit devices can be used to prevent theft and vandalism. These devices can also help prevent accidents by creating an audible or visible warning before opening the door. This helps employees know when they need to exit the building quickly in an emergency.
  • Exit devices can also be used to guide residents during an evacuation in case of an emergency. This way, residents do not panic, thereby ensuring their safety.
  • Finally, exit devices are an important part of a comprehensive emergency plan for real estate properties. Besides having safety mechanisms like sprinklers and alarms, it is essential to have exit devices for emergencies to be handled effectively and efficiently.


Every property owner wants to ensure the safety of their properties and the residents. However, there is no way you can ensure the safety of all building occupants. Therefore, entry devices such as doors and window locks are essential to secure the building against unwanted intruders. Exit devices, on the other hand, help with evacuation in an emergency. They alert occupants of an emergency and increase the chances of their safety by letting them know if the building is in danger or under attack. If you want to learn more about exit devices for real estate properties, get in touch with Park Avenue Locks today!

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