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Business Plan For Arcade Games: Location And Interest


Arcade games bring out all the nostalgic moments the 90s kids have spent during their childhood. Whether they were bunking school or saving their pocket money, it was a ritual to attend the arcade game cafe at least once in the past. The moment people welcomed the 21st century, they also started to make way for virtual reality games and other PC games which can be played at home. The new game genre made kids lazy as they could easily play their favorite games at home. For this, the trend involving arcade games reduced a lot. The arcade machines Sydney, where kids used to spend their leisure time, faced fewer visits.

However, the craze of arcade gaming is developing again because many entrepreneurs have started to re-establish a coin-oped gaming zone like in the past. The arcade game zone can be formed in the gaming area or the amusement park. The place should be carefully chosen before starting the business, and the real estate agent can help you with that.

Business Plan For Arcade Games

Constructive Business Plan For Arcade Gaming Business:

  • The Plan Itself:

Speed up the process after analyzing the pros and cons of the potential business. Carefully conduct market research and study the competitor’s business. Decide the business costs and, more importantly, where you will start your business. After you have outlined all the essential techniques of the company, you can then think of gaming start-ups.

  • Sourcing The Gaming Machine:

The arcade gaming equipment gets next on the business list, and you will need to source the best equipment according to your business demographic and location. Ensure the gaming equipment is unique in design alongside quality layouts.

  • The Business Location:

Ideal location does not mean a place or property full of sceneries. The right location means where the gaming business can flourish and where it is easy to transport communication with the customers. The children will have to find it easy and affordable to visit the gaming zone. From the business perspective, the location should include spaces, valid terms and conditions, and an authentic lease rate. The arcade gaming centers used to be family friendly, and all the family members could enjoy the place. Therefore, having a proper place needs to include the space, how you decorate the designs, the demographic, etc.

Arcade Game Space Design:

  • The proper square feet for the floor location of arcade gaming is 50 square feet.
  • The games have to be placed either back-to-back or side-by-side.
  • The clearance for the video arcade games should be approximately 4 feet.
  • The clearance varies by game type; therefore, you must be calculative. For example, redemption games need clearance of 3 feet, and basketball games need 6 feet.


You need to understand the age range of the customers who can visit your arcade game center, and they definitely will not be only children. The floor space must be more significant to install at least 60-70 games. The moment you grasp the location and design of the arcade room, you will successfully reinvent the childhood memories of many people.


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